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Discipling Phases of Jesus

Throughout the New Testament gospels, Jesus walks his followers through several phases on their journey towards maturity.  As we witness Him working in their lives in Scripture, we are able to see and recognize where He is leading us in our own walk with Him.

Studying these phases have helped me understand why I am the way I am and why I struggle with pursuing many spiritual disciplines.  Read on to see if you can trace your ‘roots’ to some of these examples in Scripture!

Phase 1 is the “Spiritual Disciplines” phase.

In this phase, we can see a marked difference between Jews and Gentiles.  Jewish boys at a very early age were sent to a synagogue where they studied under a Rabbi for years.  This gave them a solid foundation in the following essential qualities we must develop in our own lives:

  1. Memorization of OT Scripture
  2. Scripture meditation
  3. Prayer
  4. Fasting

When these Jewish boys came to know Jesus, they had already developed and had history in scripture and many of these disciplines.

If you contrast this with us Gentiles….well, we are a little different.  When the Apostle Paul was commissioned in his ministry to the Gentiles, he found no such discipline in their lives.  Not one of them had memorized scripture or had any history of prayer and fasting.  Imagine training up pastors with this background!  If you are like me, I can certainly trace my difficulties in these disciplines back to my roots!

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2 Components of Salvation

There are 2 components to Christian salvation and both must be present at the time of conversion.

Faith + Repentance = Salvation

Mark 1:15

14 Now after John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, 15 and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” (ESV)

Without these 2 working together, salvation is not guaranteed.

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Global Warming Alert: All-time Low Recorded in Bavaria

The cooler weather isn’t hitting just the US.  From Germany:

Meteorologists on Tuesday morning recorded the lowest ever October temperature in Germany, as the mercury dipped to a chilly -24.3 degrees Celsius in Bavaria’s Berchtesgaden national park.

The bitter cold was measured at the Funtensee, a notoriously frosty lake high in the Bavarian Alps.

Might as well highlight it as global cooling doesn’t get near as much attention as global warming 🙂

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Showdown: Conservative Talk Radio vs. Liberal Talk Radio

The Clinton-News-Network (CNN) opened they’re discussion on talk radio with, “They’re loud…they’re angry…talk radio is full of extreme opinions on both sides.”

I’ll just say this – if that was CNN’s attempt at being ‘fair and balanced’ – it ended there at the beginning.  Carol Costello ends the debate by calling all conservative talk radio listeners lemmings.  That’s right, tack on another name to us conservatives.  Pretty much the rest of the segment was focused how much ‘power’ the conservative talk show hosts had – in a negative context, of course.  It seems to come back to power quite often with the left…and, most often it deals with power they don’t have or power they want to have.

Can you say envious?

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Palin vs. Huckabee vs. Romney

A new Rasmussen poll sees Palin last among GOPers as the person most likely/desired to run for President in 2012.  The top dogs?  Romney and Huckabee, who both lead Palin as possible candidates.

[But] new Rasmussen Reports national telephone surveying finds Palin losing handily in face-to-face march-ups with her two likeliest challengers for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

I’m not sure who they’ve been contacting, but that isn’t who I’d be voting for.  Huckabee and Palin would be a hard choice for me; I’d vote for both of them before Romney.

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Not Evil, Just Wrong

What comes to mind when you read that headline?

Barack Hussein Obama?  Al Sharpton?  Matt Lauer?

How about Global Warming?  Bingo!

I wanted to highlight a new documentary that is being released called Not Evil, Just Wrong about the dangers of the Global Warming hysteria.  I appreciate the title as it highlights what I have to remind myself constantly: This isn’t against people, it’s against an ideology or worldview.

Liberals aren’t evil; they’re merely misguided in a couple areas.

The film holds much promise – see website for more details, release date, etc.  I myself look forward to viewing it.

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I wish I could draw 😉



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More and More Westerners Enlist in Al-Queda

When I read this headline, I thought to myself, “Geez, there has to be 1,000’s of people defecting to terrorism.”

I was wrong.

This article makes it sound like the newest trend is to become a terrorist; it’s as if they want to support the enemy by giving them more and more attention.  You won’t believe how many people this involves.

1,000,000,000?  No.

100,000?  Not quite.

10,000? Getting closer.

1,000?  Warmer….

100?  Almost there….

Wait for it……30!  Since January 1, 2009, 30 people have gone from Germany to Afghanistan to train with the Taliban.  Here’s a quote from the Article:

U.S. and European counter-terrorism officials say a rising number of Western recruits — including Americans — are traveling to Afghanistan and Pakistan to attend paramilitary training camps. The flow of recruits has continued unabated, officials said, in spite of an intensified campaign over the past year by the CIA to eliminate al-Qaeda and Taliban commanders in drone missile attacks.

I by no means want to minimize the significance of this reality; there are nut jobs who want to become a terrorist, who travel to Afghanistan to train, and then return home after being brain-washed by the enemy.

That is a scary picture.

However, the media once again sides with the enemy in order to manipulate others to get what they want: defeat.

German security services have been on high alert since last month, when groups affiliated with the Taliban and al-Qaeda issued several videos warning that an attack on German targets was imminent if the government did not bring home its forces from Afghanistan.

I want the troops home, too.  I’m just tired of the media berating our troops over there, deflating morale and propagandizing pacifism while instilling fear in everyone else.

And, all this over 30 people.  They’ll use whatever story they can to twist it into “We better leave or we’ll get attacked.”

As if we won’t get attacked anyway.  For those of you on the left, please google certain events that took place on 9.11.01

Notice we haven’t been attacked since then?  We would be wise to think about why that is.

Saddam Hussein is dead, Bin Laden is hiding in a hole, and we’ve had the enemy on their heels ever since.

You wouldn’t know that by watching CNN, though.

Here is big salute to the men and women in the US military who fight to keep this country safe.  We are indebted to you.  I apologize for the lack of respect our media shows you.

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Russia Ready to Pull Nuclear Trigger on ‘Aggressors’

It’s not the weapon I worry about; it’s those behind the weapon that must be contained.  You know, the ones able to pull the trigger.

It turns out Russia is ready to fire nuclear weapons pre-emptively – meaning, they will nuke someone who appears aggressive or is a threat to them before they can even attack.

Doesn’t that just give you the warm-fuzzies?

Russia is weighing changes to its military doctrine that would allow for a “preventive” nuclear strike against its enemies — even those armed only with conventional weapons.

The news comes just as American diplomats are trying to get Russia to cut down its nuclear stockpile, and put the squeeze on Iran’s suspect nuclear program.

Here’s my question: How do they define the term, “Aggressors.”

If Russia labels a nation an aggressor as quickly as the Left in America labels someone a racist, we could be in for some serious fireworks.

As if this isn’t scary enough, Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Kremlin’s security council, left-open the door to even bomb local targets within or near Russia:

What’s more, Patrushev said, Russia is revising the rules for the employment of nukes to repel conventionally armed attackers, “not only in large-scale, but also in a regional and even a local war…In critical national security situations, one should also not exclude a preventive nuclear strike against the aggressor.”

As the author puts it, “If I were in Georgia — or in any other country Russia considers part of its sphere of influence — that formulation would make me pretty anxious.”

No, kidding.

Bringing it back home, hasn’t Barack Hussein Obama held dialogues with Russia in an attempt to have them reduce their nuclear weapons?  I don’t think this was on his agenda.  He’s even having trouble coaxing Russia into Iranian sanctions (yet again).

It’s not too late to re-think that Nobel Peace Prize 😉

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New Abortion Statistics

This is horrid.

A new study has shown that in 2003 there were approximately 41,600,000 abortions performed worldwide.  The article is attempting to spin this as good news; this figure is down from the 45.5 million performed in 1995.

If roughly 40 million babies are killed each year, then so far this decade (2000-2009), 400,000,000 have been murdered worldwide.  That’s only this decade.  I really don’t want to add up those performed in the US since 1973.  Worldwide, the article estimates that 20% of pregnancies end in abortion.

Furthermore, it appears that babies aren’t the only victims.  Each year, 70,000 mothers are killed as a result of unsafe abortions.  Yes, it seems that mothers suffer along with the children.

This is horrible news and in my opinion falls along the lines of child sacrifices performed by cult societies in the Old Testament.  Severe judgment was brought upon some nations as a result of these atrocities.

Abortion must be ended in America.  It is an atrocious, immoral crime.

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