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Conservatism mixed with a little end time theology

The Why behind the What

The 1st Commandment (Matthew 22:37) is that we would love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Why would God ask this of us?

It’s because this is the way God loves us.  God loves us with all of His mind; How vast is God’s mind?  God loves us with all of His strength; Imagine the strength of God!

The 1st Commandment answers the ‘why behind the what’.  We know what He did – He created the heavens and the earth.  He established redemption for mankind.  This verse tells us why He did what He did.

Here it is in one sentence: God wanted to establish a family for Himself.  He wants an equally-yoked Bride for His Son Jesus.  The inheritance of the Son includes a people who will voluntarily love Him because they see His worth.

John 17:26 – Jesus is praying for the saints.  There is nothing like this in the Bible.  After this, He goes to the garden of Gethsemane.  He says, “Father, I have declared Your Name to them…so that the love with which You love Me would be in them…”

This is incredible.  We will love Jesus in the way the Father loves Jesus.  That is being equally yoked in love.

There is no higher calling.

Are you looking for a purpose?  You’ve just found it.  Go after this.  Ask the Father to grow in love for His Son Jesus.

It’s the only safe place.


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Acts like Revelation

The book of Acts arrests our attention as we long for the day when the Church is once again unified and operating in signs and wonders.  Preaching is anointed with power and as a result many come to know the Name of Jesus.

Revelation is the end times book of Acts for the last generation.  It’s our prayer manual.  And yes, it’s time we dust it off and start reading it again.

God is allowing us to participate with Him in the greatest plan ever to remove all things that hinder love.  But, it will only happen so long as the Church is mature and prepared to release it with Him.  He’s waiting for us; not the other way around.

Acts was full of many miracles; what we tend to skip over are the stories of martyrdom.  Christians were persecuted and killed in Acts.  But, martyrdom is a sub-theme of the story.

The judgments in Revelation are not released on the Church – it’s much more glorious than that.  The judgments of God are released through the praying church against the kingdom of darkness.  Yes, there is some persecution of the saints.  But just as in Acts, it is a sub-theme of Revelation.

Revelation is about the unveiling of Jesus as He makes war against the Antichrist and comes to claim His inheritance.

It’s Moses vs. Pharoah Round 2.  Only this time, it’s global and it’s final.

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I hope this isn’t too late.

Yes, I really am for protecting the environment.  I would love it if my house had solar panels.  I enjoy reading about homesteading and hope someday to have some land of my own.  There’s just something better about organic milk.

But, when it comes to the Cap and Tax bill that is before Congress – it must not be passed!  This is serious.  We are essentially shooting ourselves in the foot economically for something that will only make Al Gore a billionaire.

And, I really don’t want to be forced to drive a go-cart.

What are the implications of the Cap and Tax bill?  It is a massive energy tax that in summary will:

  • Result in huge job losses via companies sending even more jobs overseas;
  • It will cut your available income by raising taxes;
  • It will raise the price of everything that you buy as a result of this tax;
  • Result in an even bigger, controlling government that dictates even more of our lives.

Even Greenpeace is against this bill!  This thing is a 1,200 page nightmare that has been sloppily assembled by Democrats and it must be stopped.

How can you help?

Contact this number – 202-224-3121 – to reach out to your local Congress members and say NO to this bill.

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