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Charitable Giving – It’s that simple

I’ve been asked follow-up questions regarding the joke I posted on July 7th titled, ‘Giving to the Poor.’

Obama has been drawing criticism from both parties for his desire to cut charitable tax deductions for wealthy Americans.  You can find articles about this here, here, and here.

Why would he do this?  There is an easy explanation for it and, more so, it gives us an opportunity to discuss one of the main differences between liberals and conservatives.

Liberal ideology wants BIG government. The government needs to take care of people and so it needs to raise taxes in order to pay for more programs. The more the government does the better.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae – what word comes to mind when you think about these government programs?

How about the word failure.

All of these programs are poorly run, have cash flow issues, or are simply bankrupt.  We all know this.

Conservatives, on the other hand, want to give incentives to people to help others.  If you want to start a program to help homeless kids in the inner city, than the government provides the incentives – in this case the Nonprofit Organization and tax deductions  – and the people have a reason to help you reach your goal.

It’s that simple.

More importantly, it works.

Think about this when you read articles on universal, government-run health care and the Cap and Trade bill.  The only result will be higher taxes and more poorly managed government programs.

There is an optimal level of government.  These new programs are crossing that line.

You are better at helping others than the government is; Don’t let them talk you out of it.


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  1. Margaret says:

    I agree 100%. Well said!

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