Right Rev[elation]


Conservatism mixed with a little end time theology

Wholehearted Love

Loving God is His 1st priority and the greatest way to live.  We must love God on His terms.

Our love grows in 4 stages.

Stage #1 – Receiving increased revelation of the love that God has for us (Ephesians 3:18-19)

The foundational truth that equips us to love God is to know and feel His affections for us.  Sometimes the feelings are small; but, the point is that you’re feeling it.  Even just a little bit, but it’s enough to satisfy you and ruin you for love.

Stage #2 – Receiving the Father’s love for Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit (John 17:26)

A fundamental principle of Scripture is that it takes God to love God.  The anointing or supernatural ability to receive God’s love and then to return it back to Him is the greatest gift that the Holy Spirit can impart to our heart.

Stage #3 – Loving ourselves in the grace of God (Matthew 22:39)

We will never love our neighbor more than the quality we love ourselves in the grace of God.  ‘Loving ourselves’ means knowing what we look like in God’s eyes or knowing who we are in Christ as His inheritance.  Standing in agreement with God and holiness is very different from loving ourselves in a fleshly and selfish way.

Stage #4 – In the overflow, we love others (John 13:34-35)

This is the visible measurement of our invisible love for God.  When we are energized by loving Jesus and ourselves in God’s grace are we able to consistently love others.  A foundational premise is that people who love Jesus will love others much more.

It is impossible to love Jesus and not love people.

Immaturity does not mean rebellion.  When we sin, we call it sin, repent of it, ‘push delete’ and then move forward.

The Lord values our journey to grow in love. The reach of our heart to love Him moves Him. If you do not quit in your fervent pursuit, then you win. We do not find our identity in our failure but in the fact that He loves us, in the gift of righteousness (2 Cor. 5:12) and in the cry of our spirit to love God.


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