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Joy in the Great Depression

Speechless.  I’m just speechless.

Is it possible to read this and not see some form of liberal bias?

Are they doing this to prepare us for the next ‘Great Depression?’

Title of a recent NewsWeek article released July 29, 2009: Recalling the Upside of the Great Depression.  Apparently, the liberal magazine interviewed several high-profile people regarding this era and their stories are chock full of ‘hope and opportunity.’

Yes, there were pitchfork mobs, bank runs, suicides, and divorces. There were dropouts, hoboes, and millions of unemployed workers seeking government relief. But interviewees also described a parallel history of good times as well as bad, victories as well as defeats, and a surprising sense of stability, safety and optimism amid the general chaos.

Gee, almost makes me want to go back in time and live through it.  It must have been a blast.

I wish I could have sat in on the interviews and really saw how they went down.  This is nothing short of propaganda.


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