Right Rev[elation]


Conservatism mixed with a little end time theology

Without Offense

The leadership of Jesus is good.

I wish I could say I have believed this 100% in my life; unfortunately, this is not true.  I am one of those who have ‘grumbled in the wilderness’ much like the Israelites after the Exodus from Eqypt.

My patience and endurance when my faith is tested is so small…

Here is the truth: Everything Jesus does is performed in perfect love and with infallible wisdom.  It is impossible to improve upon His plans.  No one can make a suggestion to have done it any better than how Jesus does it.

Jesus offends the mind to reveal the heart.  In some, it reveals they really don’t love God.  For others, His offending the mind brings forth love as we seek to understand what it is He is doing in our lives.

2 ways that offense enters our hearts: We are offended either by what Jesus does or by what He doesn’t do.

“Why didn’t you help me out financially like the Bible says?”

“I’ve been laboring in ministry for years – where is the breakthrough in my ministry?”

I have charged Him many times with poor leadership in my life.  Friends, this should not be.  Everything He does is motivated by perfect love and infallible wisdom.

When we understand His leadership in our lives as being good it fills our heart with gratitude.  We are empowered to love Jesus only to the measure that we have trust and gratitude.

In uncertain times, it is essential we check our hearts for offense towards Jesus.

Today, it was announced that 8 Christians were murdered in Pakistan.  How do you think they are feeling over there?  Are they offended at Jesus?  I can’t even imagine it!  What is it like to live under that persecution?  Am I ready to stand for Jesus if my life depends on it?

Will that happen in America?  Surely not!  But friends, the stage is being set and it will someday happen.  When the winds of ‘tolerance’ hit full-stride, it will be Christians who stand up for righteousness and purity.

We will speak the truth of the Bible and we will declare that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

How do you think they will receive that message?  They will look at us as angry and intolerant, and they will hate us.

Remember, that God does not leave His church unprepared.  I’ve mentioned this before and it’s always worth repeating: At the time of the greatest outbreak of persecution against the saints, Jesus will have His Bride prepared with the greatest outpouring of His Spirit.

His leadership is good.  It’s perfect.

I trust in Your leadership, Jesus.  Make us ready for Your return.

Remove all the things that hinder love.


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