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Congress Not Subject to Health Care Overhaul?

If the current Health Care system is so broken, if it leaves American families penniless and less-healthy than the rest of the world:

Then, why is it Congress (or any government worker) will not be subject to the Obamacare plan they are forcing on everyone else?  Why will they have the opportunity to keep the Health Care we now enjoy?

I might just have to run for office! 😉

At any rate, subjecting someone to something you don’t want to have to do sounds very similar to bullying.

“Okay, Billy, hand over your lunch money and I promise I’ll only punch you once!”

See video here as Representative Tsongas attempts to explain why he will be able to maintain his choice of healthcare, but the American people will lose theirs.  Discussion starts at 4:00.

Here’s something else to ponder: 2 reasons for concern are 1) the invasion of privacy, and 2) the decision to care for life that is valuable to us.

The current health care bill gives the government real-time access to our bank accounts in order to pay for all of this madness.  That just makes me uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the 2 most costly events in a person’s life are at the beginning and end of life.  As of now, I am more concerned about beginning of life: A pre-mature baby costs quite a penny to keep in the NICU – but, there is no cost a parent would not pay to keep their child alive.  Will it be worth it to the government?

It recently happened in Canada.  The Canadian Press ran a story in June 2009 here regarding a child born 14 weeks prematurely that had to be transferred to the US for care – without the parents coming as they didn’t have passports.

There are improvements that need to happen to the Health Care system.  A huge overhaul that changes it for everyone seems a very high cost to insure 20 million additional people, especially when 89% of those currently insured are happy with their healthcare – as found by a poll done at ABC News.

Why not just expand Medicaid?


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