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NPR Apologizes for Cash for Clunkers Remark


An NPR reported has had to retract an earlier statement comparing the government’s Cash for Clunker’s program being ran in a similar manner to that of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

“I thought that woman actually asked a pretty legitimate question. Cash for Clunkers is like a mini-Katrina here,” Mara Liasson said. “It’s not good to start a government program and not be able to execute it.”

What government program has ever been run well?  USPS, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid…the one thing the government does well is contract out the development of military technology to companies like Lockheed Martin!

What we’re seeing more and more are people being hesitant (or afraid) to criticize this administration and when they do make one blurb about it, there’s public outcry against that person or organization.

The media should be what keeps the President honest.  It should not be used to quell the voice of the people and/or blindly support programs and legislation it isn’t familiar with.

Mara tried to think for herself and ended up with a reprimand from her supervisor.

Where has all the investigative journalism gone?


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