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GM Unveils the 2010 Chevy Volt

I realize that 90% of headlines today touch the Health Care debate – dare I mention the Post Office blunder and the AARP lie as some of those headlines –

Even so, I figured it was an opportunity to digress from the topic, if even for a moment.

Government Motors unveiled yesterday the new 2010 Chevy Volt.  It boasts 230 mpg’s (which has yet to be confirmed by the EPA) and offers drivers a plug-in electric motor with a 40 mile range.  Even so, the 230 mpg’s would make it the first vehicle to break the ‘triple-digit mileage barrier’ and if your commute is less than 40 miles, you wouldn’t even use one drop of gasoline.

Does anyone know what a replacement battery costs for the plug-in motor?  I do hope this vehicle will positively impact the environment and reduce dependence on foreign oil – but, only time will tell.

I think there are easier ways to impact the environment and come with price tags far below the $40,000 Volt.

An excellent calculation at HotAir.com here estimates that at $3 per gallon for gas, it would take 113,000 miles to make up the cost of buying the Volt versus your average, $18,000-20-mpg car.  Further insight offers these added costs/headaches:

That also doesn’t account for (a) the (comparatively tiny) cost of electricity to charge the battery, (b) the headaches for apartment-dwellers in finding a place to charge the thing, (c) the possibility of higher maintenance costs as the Volt’s new technology suffers glitches, and (d) the strain on urban electrical grids a decade or two down the road when these suckers become popular.

When it comes to other new technologies, I tend to be a laggard.  I think it will payoff for green technology as well 🙂


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