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Forbes Greenest Company is…ExxonMobil?

Talk about a 180!  Exxon has come a long way since the days of the Valdez oil spill.

What drove Forbes decision to give ExxonMobil this honor?  The article cites 2 reasons a company goes green: for Political and Engineering purposes.

Politically, ExxonMobil has invested $600 million into algae farms that convert sunlight into automotive fuel.  Don’t ask me how that works!  What it has done, however, is mended ties with environmental groups – which is a pretty clever move.

But, even more so, ExxonMobil has pumped $30 billion into a mega-plant for producing liquified natural gas, or LNG.

The engineering solution to the matter of carbon in the atmosphere: Drill for natural gas. Per unit of energy delivered, methane releases 40% to 50% less carbon dioxide than coal and a quarter less than petroleum. Coal fuels half of U.S. power generation. Replacing all of it with methane would cut CO2 emissions by 1 billion tons a year.

Could windmills come close to that in reducing greenhouse gases? Not easily.

This plant will vault ExxonMobil into first place as the world’s largest natural gas producer.

It sounds like it could be a risky move.  The article also points out the demand for LNG has fallen since the recession; and, ExxonMobil should probably spend some time marketing the advantages of natural gas and that it does reduce carbon emissions when compared to coal.

What will really drive results is transforming LNG into a green alternative in the mind of the public.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – will we see it in natural gas?


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