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White House Supports Public Option, or Not?

It seems as though the final Health Care decision may come down to picking pedals off a flower…

“I don’t support Universal Health Care…I do support Universal Health Care…I don’t support Universal Health Care.”

Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, has now reaffirmed the White House’s support for socialized medicine, seemingly contradicting earlier comments that it wasn’t the focus of reform.  Here are her latest comments:

Absolutely nothing has changed. We continue to support the public option that will help lower costs, give American consumers more choice and keep private insurers honest.

If people have other ideas about how to accomplish these goals, we’ll look at those too,” she said. “But the public option is a very good way to do this.

That sounds like the plan that has upset millions of Americans.  Contrast those remarks with ones made just a few days earlier on CNN’s State of the Union:

A public insurance option was not the essential element of any overhaul, and non-profit cooperatives being considered by a Senate panel could also fulfill the White House goal of creating more competition on insurance.

And I think what’s important is choice and competition. And I’m convinced at the end of the day, the plan will have both of those. But that [the public option] is not the essential element.

After all that’s happened, it looks like we’re back to where we started.

Too bad they’ve ended the flag@whitehouse.gov program for fear-mongering.  This sounds an awful lot like fishy disinformation! 😉


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  1. Interesting that Buffett is sounding the alarm about deficits, when friggin’ supported Obama last year. B.O. all but told us of his socialist spending scheme, and not once did Buffett go “Hey, you know something, that just might balloon the deficit and sink this country”?

    • I think Buffet is almost fearful of coming out in direct opposition to BHO – and for good reason, really. All those opposed are seen as extremists, racists, etc. Buffet is quoted saying the initial spending was ‘justified’ but that we need to cut spending now or things will spiral out of control.

      At least it’s something, I suppose, and hopefully people will respect the advice he gives and begin to re-think health care reform, the cap-and-tax bill, and all other programs even if it’s merely for the ballooning deficit…

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