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World Ocean Temperatures Highest in 130 Years

If there was one thing I’d like to see happen in the Climate Change debate, it would be for people to make up their minds.

Are we getting hotter, or are we getting cooler?

Let’s begin with the cooler side of things.  It seems the Upper Midwest is having one of the coolest summers since 1889.  Concerned about Polar Bears?  A rather frigid summer in Hudson Bay, Canada has been a ‘boon’ for the white, artic-dwelling carnivore:

A cold summer in many parts of Canada may have meant fewer barbecues and camping trips this year, but lower temperatures have been a boon for the beleaguered Hudson Bay polar bears.

Experts say the summer sea ice has lasted longer than it has in years, which has given the region’s more than 1,000 bears extra time to hunt, feed and raise healthy cubs.

Sounds like the climate is working pretty well up there, yeah?

Good thing the bears don’t live in Maine.  Gee golly, the poor folks in Maine are having to deal with an ocean temperature that feels almost as good as bath water.  Who wants that?  You’ll never guess who’s causing all this ruckus, either:

Meteorologists said there’s a combination of forces at work this year: A natural El Nino system just getting started on top of worsening man-made global warming, and a dash of random weather variations. The resulting ocean heat is already harming threatened coral reefs. It could also hasten the melting of Arctic sea ice and help hurricanes strengthen.

Wait, didn’t we just read about the sea ice lasting longer?  My favorite part was the ‘dash of random weather variations.’

If it isn’t the polar bears, it’s the coral reefs. 😉


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