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US Terrorist Plots Uncovered Since 9/11

21 is the magic number.

21 terrorist plots have been found and prevented on US soil since 9/11.  Here’s a brief look at a couple, but you can find the whole article here:

  • May 2002
    • Jose Padilla, a US citizen, was apprehended in the Chicago O’Hard airport as soon as he got off the plane flying in from the Middle East.  The FBI acted on information received from a detained Al Queda operative.

Timeout.  Did you catch that?  A possible terrorist attack was averted by the FBI due to the information received from a captured Al Queda prisoner.  Isn’t that good news?  Then how come these American security agents are the ones now being investigated under the administration led by Barack Obama?

Does that sound right to you?


  • June 2006
    • 7 men were arrested for conspiring to blow up the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) and another Federal office Building in the Chicago area.
  • June 2007
    • 4 men were arrested for an attempt to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines at JFK International Airport.

    September 2009

    • The most recent plot: Terror suspect Najibullah Zazi was apprehended for a warped plot to detonate home-made explosives on the 9/11 anniversary.

Why look back at these?  It is crucial to remember what has been done in the past to appreciate the time we are living in now.  Imagine the chaos if even 1 of these events had not been discovered?

We thank all men and women who serve this country and have sought to protect it from the wicked and insane people who wish to do it harm.


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Recent Events at the UN Summit in Pittsburgh

There has been a plethora of new (and somewhat frightening) happenings coming from the UN Summit.  Here’s a brief look at the latest news:

  • There are some strong leaders left in the world – They’re just absent from the US right now.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually showed some gusto by condemning the UN for allowing the Iranian president to speak and brought forth evidence of the Holocaust (which is only being denied by the crack-nut Ahmadinejad).
  • Guess where this quote came from: “We are content and happy if  Barack Obama can stay forever as the President of the United States of America.”  Joe Biden?  ACORN?  Matt Lauer?  This was from Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.  Isn’t that something?  Wicked dictators accused of mass murder and genocide love Obama.  Gadhafi also referred to BHO as “our son” and “our Obama.”  Touching.
  • Our fearless leader is calling for a world without nuclear bombs.  Fortunately, the world is allowing us to lead the way and disarm first.  Great!  Are you feelin’ all ‘hopeychangey’ yet?

In his first appearance before the group, Obama promised the U.S. would reach out in “a new era of engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect,” but he also wagged a rhetorical finger at leaders who spend much of their time at international gatherings excoriating the U.S. He said “an almost reflexive anti-Americanism” that swept the globe under the administration of his predecessor, George W. Bush, is not “an excuse for collective inaction.”

“Nothing is easier than blaming others for our troubles and absolving ourselves of responsibility for our choices and our actions,” he said.


If blaming others is such a poor choice of action, why have you [Barack Hussein Obama] repeatedly blamed Bush for the economic collapse you inherited caused?  And, the economy is just the tip of the iceberg.

Folks, the world is rapidly changing.  We are not living in our Grandparents’ America.

In the Bible, there were numerous signs that pointed to the 1st coming of Jesus; and, Jesus had strong words for those who were unable to see the times and missed His 1st coming.  There are even more signs pointing to the 2nd coming of Christ.  There will be a one-world government and a false ‘peace’ over the nations to set the stage for the most radical period in human history.

When exactly will it happen?  It is correct to state we don’t know the day nor the hour.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t discern the time and the season.  In fact, we are commanded by Jesus to know the hour in which we live.

Jesus could come in 5 years or He could come in 50.  I don’t know.  But, I can tell you that the level of wickedness in the earth will be matched by a praying church moving in authority as it grows in love for Jesus.  The whole plan to reveal Jesus at the 2nd coming is in deep partnership with His Church.  These in themselves are some of the easiest signs to discern.

God is raising up a prayer movement of people who agree with the plans in His heart and will stand firm until the end.

Luke 21:36 – “But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things [coming sins] that are about to take place, and to stand [in victory] before the Son of Man.”

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NY Governor Paterson: Obama Administration ‘Unable to Govern’

More evidence about the implosion happening in the Democrat Party was revealed earlier this week.

David A. Paterson is probably the worst Governor in New York’s history.  He makes himself look bad.  He makes the party look bad.  In fact, he even makes the President look bad (as if BHO doesn’t do a fine enough job himself!)  So, what do liberals do to those in their party who make others look like fools?

Throw them under the bus.

Last week, President Barack Hussein Obama sent a note to Paterson’s office asking him to not run for re-election.

President Obama had sent a request to Mr. Paterson that he withdraw from the New York governor’s race, fearing that Mr. Paterson cannot recover from his dismal political standing, according to two senior administration officials and a New York Democratic operative with direct knowledge of the situation.

The decision to ask Mr. Paterson to step aside was proposed by political advisers to Mr. Obama, but approved by the president himself, one of the administration officials said.

What does any self-respecting person do when facing job loss?  Defend himself!  Governor Paterson answered back at the President on Tuesday, stating:

If you look at it from their [Obama’s] perspective, they haven’t exactly been able to govern in the first year of their administration the way other administrations have.

Translation: Bush was more effective his first year of office than BHO – Maybe that’s because Bush wasn’t caught up apologizing to all of our enemies.  At any rate, this sounds like a surefire insult to ‘ol BHO to me!  And, that’s how it’s being seen:

That [statement] may very well be interpreted by some Obama loyalists as a slap at the President

I really hope the liberals do get offended by this statement.  Fire back at Paterson!  Let the criticisms roll!  Show everyone that you are not as tolerant and benevolent as you come off.

As Rush Limbaugh puts it, if the liberals are going to destroy themselves, just get out of the way 🙂

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Frank Schaeffer: Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

To put it bluntly: No, it isn’t.

Schaeffer just has an incorrect view of Christianity.

Let’s go through his essay.

While former President Jimmy Carter has already incorrectly pointed out that most criticism of Obama is due to race, Schaeffer writes that Carter should have gone even further and blamed his own religion:

There’s something he [Carter] didn’t mention however: the special culpability of his own religion — Evangelical Christianity — for the anti-Obama hyperventilating and furious reaction to our first black president. And that reaction has less to do with race and more to do with the ugliest side of religion.

Here is the author’s main point:

The fact is that if you’re going to blame one group above all others for the willful ignorance and continuing ugliness of the response to President Obama the best candidate would be the evangelical/fundamentalist community.

The people running around calling Obama is “Hitler”, the so-called “birthers” and all the rest can’t be understood outside of the context of the hermetically sealed world-hating gated community known as Evangelical Christianity.

Can you believe it’s happening in America?  We’re honing in on the source of the problem, as stated by Schaeffer himself:

The key to understanding the Evangelicals is to understand the popularity of the Left Behind series of books about the “return of Christ.”

The Left Behind franchise holds out hope for the self-disenfranchised that at last soon everyone will know “we” were right and “they” were wrong. They’ll know because Spaceship Jesus will come back and whisk “us” away, leaving everyone else to ponder just how very lost they are because they refused to say the words, “I accept Jesus as my personal savior” and join our side while there was still time!

The bestselling status of the Left Behind novels proves that, not unlike Islamist terrorists who behead their enemies, many evangelical/fundamentalist readers relish the prospect of God doing lots of messy killing for them as they watch in comfort from on high. They want revenge on all people not like them–forever.

This grieves my heart.  This is not at all the plan in Jesus’ heart – for His Church, for His return, or for the World.

First, let’s expose the notion that Christians will be ‘whisked’ away.  We are not getting taken away. This is an erroneous doctrine that has caused much confusion in the Body of Christ – and elsewhere, as you now witness.  Christians will be on the Earth when the judgments of God are released.

Here’s the kicker: The judgments aren’t released on the Church; they are released through the Church on the Antichrist’s kingdom.

This is a trustworthy statement regarding the judgments of God: God uses the least severe means to win the greatest number of people at the deepest level of love without violating anyone’s free will.

The fact of the matter is that people do not want Jesus to come back.  They aren’t victims or idling standing by – they will hate Him and will seek to make war with Him (as futile as it may seem).  Thus, the judgments are released by Jesus in deep partnership with His Church on the Antichrist’s kingdom.

Yes, there is coming a man who is worse than Hitler.  He is the Antichrist.  When he comes, and our families and friends are murdered, it is then that we will understand the need for judgment.  It’s hard to grasp the severity of the judgments only because we aren’t familiar with the level of oppression that is coming.

Schaeffer continues:

Christianity is worth saving from the Christians for two reasons.  First, because as moral and spiritual beings religion should feed our souls rather then strip out our humanity.  Second, because whether we like it or not, religion is here to stay. Better to shape it rather than to simply denounce it.

The reason Christianity doesn’t look like Christianity is because we have lost our first love.  We need to return to the 1st Commandment – to love Jesus with our heart, soul, mind and strength.  It is from Jesus – the fountain of love Himself – that we will be empowered to love others and live out the 2nd Commandment.

We don’t shape God – He shapes us.  It’s just up to us to get the correct paradigm.

Sin is sin.  It is destructive.  It can’t be reduced, watered-down, or dismissed.  And, just because we denounce sin, it doesn’t make us intolerant.

Here is Schaeffer’s solution:

The only real answer to the hijacking of Christianity by the Religious Right, the longevity of religion-based racism, and the backward and inward looking movement we now call “American Christianity” is not to talk everyone out a having faith but rather to fight for the humane and ancient thread found within the Christian tradition. Blaming everything on race is too easy.

We need to realize that the American Dream is not the Gospel.  The only message Jesus preached was to fast and pray, to love God, and to live out a holy lifestyle before him.  Fun isn’t the right word – but if you pursue this your spirit will be bright!  Life was meant to be lived with a free spirit and that only comes through loving Jesus.

Jesus created our emotions; He created us to have enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness.  He set the boundaries for how those can be fully enjoyed.

All other ways outside His Word are distortions and lies and only lead people away from the truth.

American Christianity does need to be re-shaped; The fix is not to water down the message so that everyone can do what they want and still think they will reach Heaven.

While Frank Schaeffer is sincere in his effort to unify a people – his method and reasoning are incorrect.  The devil loves sincere, deceived people because they are far more effective than angry, deceived people.

Jesus is returning soon.  But, it’s in context to His followers being in 100% agreement with His heart and His plan.

“When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on this earth?”

The hour is urgent.  The message for today’s Christian is not one of pursuing your best life now.  You want to be developing a history in God now so that when He comes you will not be found without oil (Matthew 25).

This article from Frank Schaeffer puts urgency in my spirit.  Time is running short and there is none to waste.  We must know God’s Word, His plan, and His heart now so we are prepared.

My hope is that this has shed light on both the article and the hour in which we live.

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Wolf Blitzer on Celebrity Jeopardy

We all have to ask the honest question: Do we really think we’d look intelligent on Jeopardy?

Fortunately, if we ever get on the show, a new low has been set.  And, who better to set the low bar than one from the state-run media?  The pretenders of journalism.

Wolf Blitzer – host of the CNN show ‘The Situation Room’ – appeared on the Celebrity Jeopardy show and did absolutely horrible.  By the end, he was $4,600 in the hole and his score had to be changed to +$1,000 for him to continue.

The bottom line: The video provides some much needed comic-relief in the political arena.

Anyone else find it ironic he didn’t know where Jesus was born? 😉

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Mixed-Up Priorities, New York edition

The 9/11 anniversary has now passed, and we all know that BHO was absent at Ground Zero.  Even so, it’s interesting to see the reasons Barack Hussein Obama has found critical enough for him to visit New York.

In the past month, BHO has traveled to New York at least 4 times.  Here are some reasons for his visits:

  1. Lunch date with Bill Clinton
  2. Obama’s speech on the 1st anniversary of the Lehman Brothers crash
  3. Believe it or not, but BHO is traveling to New York to appear on the David Letterman show.  For the full hour.
  4. His speech today regarding education spending and other ‘innovative’ ways to improve the economy.

Yet, on the anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil in history, he’s too busy to visit Ground Zero and has to send Joe Biden?

I think BHO has his priorities in wrong order.

It is continuous decisions such as this – and the apology tour, and now canceling the missile defense shield in Poland, the coup in Honduras, the Iraq war, and the Afghan war, and Iran, and North Korea, and Venezuela, and Russia – that  help explain why his popularity numbers are falling.  Fast.

He doesn’t stand up for the country or the people that he represents!  It really wouldn’t take much to turn things around, Mr. President.  Just show some pride in your country!

It’s no wonder why parents don’t trust him with their kids.  Or their families.  Or their homes, or their money,  or their jobs.

Is this the Barack Hussein Obama you expected – those of you that voted for him?  Think about it, and get back to me.

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Has Barack Obama Lost Jon Stewart?

History really does repeat itself.

If you look back to the 1960’s, Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson enjoyed a time of much popularity early on in his presidency.  His support for the “War on Poverty,” Medicare and Medicaid, and environmental protection gave him a monumental margin of victory in the 1964 election.

However, his popularity would soon plummet amidst the chaos of the Vietnam War.  In 1968, everything came to a head when Walter Cronkite, an up-and-coming newscaster, made the famous ‘unwinnable‘ comment about the Vietnam War.  What was President Johnson’s reaction to Cronkite’s claim?

“If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America”

Here’s a picture of the atmosphere from good ol’ Wikipedia:

As casualties mounted and success seemed further away than ever, Johnson’s popularity plummeted. College students and others protested, burned draft cards, and chanted, “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?”

Johnson…was not allowed by the Secret Service to attend the 1968 Democratic National Convention, where hundreds of thousands of hippies, yippies, Black Panthers and other opponents of Johnson’s policies both in Vietnam and in the ghettos converged to protest.

Do you want to know what’s really interesting about this?  By the 1968 Presidential election, the Democrat Party was in such disarray that it split into 4 factions with all 4 quarreling and bickering with one another

We could very well be looking at a very similar scenario today.

Even though he calls himself a ‘fake journalist,’ Comedy Central news host Jon Stewart is considered to be one of the top sources of news for Americans between the ages of 18-34.  So, when you see Mr. Stewart – a liberal – begin to criticize Barack Hussein Obama over his ridiculous and contradictory policies, it makes you wonder:

Has Barack Obama lost Jon Stewart and thus has he lost middle America?

Here are some examples of Jon’s recent disapproval with BHO:

This is just a taste, and I think it’s safe to say we could expect more in the future.  (Just a note, I don’t typically watch Jon Stewart as he is normally quite liberal; If you’re in the same boat as I am and aren’t too familiar with Mr. Stewart, just know that the profanity in the videos has been bleeped out :))

It might be too early to tell, but the signs clearly point to the self-destruction of the Democrat Party.

Only time will tell.

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Best Healthcare Sign Yet?

Saw this via Newsbusters and had to share.  Could this be the best health care sign to date?

Best Tea Party Protest Sign Yet

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Russia Signs Arms Bill with Venezuela

More good news.

Russia has agreed to loan Hugo Chavez $2.2 Billion in order to ‘update its military arsenal.’  The update includes purchasing 92 tanks and an anti-aircraft rocket system – both of which are Russian made.

What is it with Russia and Dictatorships?  First, Iran and now, Venezuela?

The only motive given for these updates is, of course, because of the US.  It’s always our fault.  Details:

Despite tensions with Colombia, Chávez insists that the new weapons are primarily for the purpose of defending his nation against an attack by the US.  In particular, he says that this new anti-aircraft defense system will act as a deterrent to stop the US from bombing Venezuela.

Citing his nation’s oil and gas reserves, Chávez added that Venezuela must take extreme steps to protect itself, reports the BBC.

“We have the largest petroleum reserves in the world. The empire has its sights on them,” Chavez said, using a term which he commonly uses to refer to the US.

Is that preparation, or just paranoia?   There’s no need to bomb Venezuela.  Regardless, we have yet another country with extreme dislike for the US that is building up its military.

And, all this at a time when the US is cutting back on its military defense.  It seems as though our enemies are taking advantage of the weak administration.

Liberals are getting what they want: an anemic United States of America that is unable to ‘meddle’ in international affairs.

Will there be anyone left to stand for freedom?

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Removing ‘Christmas’ From Textbooks

The watering down of our society continues.

The liberal worldview has removed ‘God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance; it has removed prayer from schools.  Now, it wants to remove the word ‘Christmas’ from school textbooks.  And, this is happening in Texas, of all places:

A proposal for a new social studies curriculum for Texas public schools removes the word “Christmas” in a sixth-grade lesson.

The draft proposal being considered by the State Board of Education removes the word Christmas in a section on culture.  The section now instructs students to explain the significance of religious holidays…The proposal deletes Christmas and adds Diwali, a Hindu festival (emphasis mine).

A person can be open-minded so long as it removes any sort of Christian language from the discussion.

Imagine the sixth-grader who is reading this textbook.  Not only has Christmas been removed, but they’ve probably also added positive discussion on abortion and same-sex marriage.

The moral compass of our nation is being degraded at an increasing rate.  Yet, all of this is in context to Jesus’ battle plan for the last generation.

It’s not just in textbooks, it’s in our vocabulary as well.  Happy Holidays.  Season’s Greetings.  These phrases have replaced Merry Christmas so as to not offend anyone.

I say, let the offense continue!

Jesus will continue to be a source of contention until He returns.  There is no mistake in who we claim Him to be:  The Christ, the Messiah, the God-Man; His Name is Faithful and True and He judges righteously.  He is terrifying yet wonderful.

Jesus, we long for Your return.  Come make the wrong things right.

Merry-early-Christmas everyone 🙂

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