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ACORN Workers Arrested for Voter Fraud

You’ve heard of the tax cheats appointed to Barack Hussein Obama’s cabinet.

You’ve seen the Czars, such as Van Jones, thrown under the bus for questionable and Communistic ideals and statements.

Now, it’s the community organizers that supported BHO in Florida who are being exposed:

The FBI and state authorities were making arrests Wednesday of workers hired to register voters by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

“Names were filled out on the registration forms that were not actual voters,” said Ed Griffith, a spokesperson for the state attorney’s office.  Griffith said the names included people who were already registered voters, fictitious names, and the name of the late actor Paul Newman, who died in Sept. 2008.

An increasing amount of fraud is being made apparent under this administration led by BHO.  Exposing ACORN is just another finding in a list that keeps growing.

Where’s the transparency promised during the campaign?

It’s no wonder why parents were hesitant to allow him speak to their children.

For those who think it may be time to start over and re-elect all members of Congress, I think you might be on to something 😉


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