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Russia Quells Need for More Iranian Sanctions

We all know Iran is up to more than just generating electricity with it’s Nuclear Technology/Uranium Enrichment program.  It seems the only course of action willing to be taken against Iran are sanctions, and even those are being ruled out:

[Russian] Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov on Thursday all but ruled out imposing new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, brushing aside growing Western concerns that Iran had made significant progress in recent months in a bid for nuclear weapons.

Why are the Russians so quick to assist Iran?  An interview with several Russian officials left Cliff Kupchan, a former US Dept. of State deputy under Clinton, with this conclusion:

“They derive a lot of influence and prestige by being the point man on Iran,” Mr. Kupchan said of the Russian officials in an interview. “I think that they are making clear that they are in the middle of the game. They are stating that the road to Tehran goes through Moscow.”

Is it prestige, or to have an influence on their technology and possibly avoid an attack by Iran?

It’s a cloudy situation that is only becoming more cloudy (and worrisome).  The main concern is regarding the current Administrations lack of willingness to protect American soil and instead to reduce the military, prosecute American CIA agents, and apologize for American capitalism across the world.

It’s tough to read up on stories such as this, but even more difficult on 09.11.09.


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  2. rightrevelation says:

    Hey Robb –
    I understand the losing focus: Iran/Russia is a big topic and it’s hard to squeeze everything in in one post.

    I’m glad you brought this up; I’m still learning about connecting the dots as far as how old cities and regions tie into present day locations. I do agree that there will be a 10 nation confederation in the End Times that will include Russia and the intent will be war with Israel (and Jesus).

    As far as their motive behind attacking Israel? We very well may be peering into this as we still are trying to explain Hitler and the Holocaust.

    It’s just plain insanity.

    Here’s possibly one reason behind their intent: Revelation 11:15-18 is the 2nd coming of Christ. When He comes, it says in the passage that ‘The kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ’ and that the nations are angry. I believe that when Jesus returns, He will also initiate the ‘hostile’ takeover of every government on earth and replace with righteous saints; in essence, He will reward some with places of authority on earth.

    Obviously, whoever is in power at that time won’t like that idea. Since Jesus returns to Jerusalem, I think that is one possible reason why they will march against Jerusalem in numbers like the sand on the seashore will be an attempt to overthrow Jesus.

    And, of course, we know how futile that will be.

    Great post Robb – good thoughts and discussion on the topic. Hope you’re able to put something together on Iran soon I can read up on 🙂

  3. Robb says:

    I attempted an article a few day’s ago concerning Iran and Russia. Just lost focus. Can’t seem to get my act together.

    But what I wanted to point out or at least make mention of. It is said by many scholars, of a future invasion from the north into Israel. I’m speaking of the Battle of Gog and Magog. Some scholars believe the references to “Rosh, Meshech and Tubal” in Ezekiel 38 refers to Russia, Moscow and Tobolsk, two of Russia’s major cities.

    There is obviously some sort of connection between Iran and Russia as you seamlessly point out. But what makes me wonder, is why would Russia, if this is truly referring to Russia, be interested in attacking Israel?

    The one thing that popped into my mind among many other reasons, was the “hidden news blurb” between Teddy K and Health Care talk. And that was the story of the U.S. compromising strategic missile defense placements. Moving it from points near and dear to Russia and moving them into Israel.

    Russia is totally against these missile defense placements anywhere near them. I think if we do end up placing missile defense in Israel, wouldn’t that give “Rosh” a good reason to do something like going into Israel?

    I dunno, just thinking out loud.

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