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Removing ‘Christmas’ From Textbooks

The watering down of our society continues.

The liberal worldview has removed ‘God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance; it has removed prayer from schools.  Now, it wants to remove the word ‘Christmas’ from school textbooks.  And, this is happening in Texas, of all places:

A proposal for a new social studies curriculum for Texas public schools removes the word “Christmas” in a sixth-grade lesson.

The draft proposal being considered by the State Board of Education removes the word Christmas in a section on culture.  The section now instructs students to explain the significance of religious holidays…The proposal deletes Christmas and adds Diwali, a Hindu festival (emphasis mine).

A person can be open-minded so long as it removes any sort of Christian language from the discussion.

Imagine the sixth-grader who is reading this textbook.  Not only has Christmas been removed, but they’ve probably also added positive discussion on abortion and same-sex marriage.

The moral compass of our nation is being degraded at an increasing rate.  Yet, all of this is in context to Jesus’ battle plan for the last generation.

It’s not just in textbooks, it’s in our vocabulary as well.  Happy Holidays.  Season’s Greetings.  These phrases have replaced Merry Christmas so as to not offend anyone.

I say, let the offense continue!

Jesus will continue to be a source of contention until He returns.  There is no mistake in who we claim Him to be:  The Christ, the Messiah, the God-Man; His Name is Faithful and True and He judges righteously.  He is terrifying yet wonderful.

Jesus, we long for Your return.  Come make the wrong things right.

Merry-early-Christmas everyone 🙂


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