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Russia Signs Arms Bill with Venezuela

More good news.

Russia has agreed to loan Hugo Chavez $2.2 Billion in order to ‘update its military arsenal.’  The update includes purchasing 92 tanks and an anti-aircraft rocket system – both of which are Russian made.

What is it with Russia and Dictatorships?  First, Iran and now, Venezuela?

The only motive given for these updates is, of course, because of the US.  It’s always our fault.  Details:

Despite tensions with Colombia, Chávez insists that the new weapons are primarily for the purpose of defending his nation against an attack by the US.  In particular, he says that this new anti-aircraft defense system will act as a deterrent to stop the US from bombing Venezuela.

Citing his nation’s oil and gas reserves, Chávez added that Venezuela must take extreme steps to protect itself, reports the BBC.

“We have the largest petroleum reserves in the world. The empire has its sights on them,” Chavez said, using a term which he commonly uses to refer to the US.

Is that preparation, or just paranoia?   There’s no need to bomb Venezuela.  Regardless, we have yet another country with extreme dislike for the US that is building up its military.

And, all this at a time when the US is cutting back on its military defense.  It seems as though our enemies are taking advantage of the weak administration.

Liberals are getting what they want: an anemic United States of America that is unable to ‘meddle’ in international affairs.

Will there be anyone left to stand for freedom?


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  1. Robb says:

    Spooky times my friend. It just seem’s like thing’s are rapidly moving along.

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