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$2.2 Billion Given to North Korea…Already

First, a bit of old news: Today, North Korea announced a desire to return to the discussion table regarding nuclear disarmament.

As if we haven’t heard that before.

Here’s the spin: Could this possibly be related to the $2.2 billion they have already received as a result of these talks?

This may be shocking, but since the nuclear ‘talks’ started back during the Clinton administration in the early 90’s, North Korea has received a massive amount of bribes aid in an attempt to halt their nuclear program.  Details from South Korea:

[In the 90’s] The equivalent of nearly $2 billion flowed into North Korea, ruling Grand National Party lawmaker Kwon Young-se said in a statement. South Korea spent $1.15 billion, Japan $410 million and the European Union $18 million on the reactors. Meanwhile, the U.S. sent $400 million worth of fuel oil to the North.

Has North Korea kept any of its promises to disarm?  Nope.  Would you believe the nations are still trying to bribe North Korea to stop building nukes?

In 2007, however, China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the U.S. tried again, promising the North one million tons of fuel oil and other concessions in return for disablement. So far, 745,000 tons of oil – estimated to be worth $310 million – have been shipped to the North under the new deal, the statement said.

In addition to the money it was given in the disarmament-for-aid deals, the North has also received nearly 4 trillion won ($3.4 billion) of food, fertilizer and other humanitarian aid from the U.S., South Korea and international organizations over the past 10 years, Kwon’s office said.

This whole give-them-food-if-they-promise-to-disarm scenario hasn’t worked for at least the past 10 years!   It’s quite possible the exact opposite is happening: All of this has probably encouraged North Korea to continue its nuclear program.  Why?  Because the democratic nations will always be ready to talk and give them more food, oil, and money.

Kim Jong Il probably looks like a genius in his country.  Whenever his people need food, he just robs his enemies.  His country has probably used up the food sent from the last nuclear talks and how it’s time to return to the rich parents – i.e. the US, South Korea, France, et al – to get more.  It will just be disguised as nuclear disarmament talks.

This is almost laughable if it weren’t so serious.  We are assisting the nations out to harm us.  Furthermore, it’s borderline giving approval to horrendous behavior from the world’s dictators.

This just doesn’t sound like a sustainable policy.

What should be done?  In the least, stop providing them with provisions.  The food probably doesn’t make it to the oppressed families living by subsistence farming in the countryside, anyway.  It goes to those loyal to Kim Jong Il.

That is at least a place to start.  What do you think?


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