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Nation of England Announces Massive Liquidation

Well, the current liberal administration is calling is a ‘Sale of Assets’ but it is essentially a liquidation.  The purpose is to raise money to cover huge budget deficits in the nation.

Sound familiar?  It seems a likely scenario here in the US.  Details:

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced on Monday a 16-billion-pound sale of state assets including a rail link between London and the Channel Tunnel to cut soaring debt caused by economic crisis.

The planned disposals, which also include a 33-percent stake in European uranium consortium URENCO, the Student Loan Company and the Tote bookmakers, would raise the equivalent of 25.4 billion dollars or 17.2 billion euros.

The assets are being sold to businesses in the marketplace.  Why does that make sense?  The Government is unable to run anything at a profit and always loses out to the private sector.

Here’s another nugget from this article: Brown is making these moves because he knows he will not be re-elected.  Who is looking to take his place next election?  A conservative:

Brown, facing a likely election defeat next year by David Cameron’s opposition Conservatives, wants to halve Britain’s deficit in four years after it ballooned amid a deep recession.

Tucked inside a seemingly irrelevant piece of news is a fact that will hopefully ring true in America in 2010: a sweep of the elections by Conservatives and a new emergence in unemployment lines by the people that put them there – the Liberal members of Congress who will soon be out of a job.

In terms of debt, the US is already owned by the Chinese.  Hopefully, a switch in power followed by cuts in spending and a balanced budget will prevent the US from having to sell assets to any other foreign entities.


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