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CNN Suggests Eliminating the Hamburger. No, Really.

As if there is nothing else to report, CNN would like to discuss the possibility of eliminating the hamburger.

No wonder their ratings are plummeting.  From Michelle Malkin:

Hamburgers are an American passion. And millions of Americans consume burgers, and other forms of meat, every day without consequences.  Should Americans continue to make meat — and particularly hamburgers — part of their diet?

But ground beef contaminated with E. coli bacteria has sickened, paralyzed and even killed some people who ate it.

Several of the members of the panel assembled by CNN favored plant-only diets.  A certain one, Dr. Colin Campbell, grew up on a dairy farm:

Dr. Colin Campbell of Cornell University advocates a meat-free diet.  Campbell said he grew up on a dairy farm and for a long time held to the belief that animal protein was an essential part of a healthy diet.  He said the results of years of research changed his mind.

The conclusion of his studies: “The closer we get to consuming a whole foods, plant-based diet, the healthier we’re going to be on all accounts.”

No thanks, Dr. Campbell, you can stick to eating plants. I’ll stick to eating meat.

As Michelle puts it: The Big Nanny bureaucrats will have to pry the Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger from my cold, dead hands…


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