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New Abortion Statistics

This is horrid.

A new study has shown that in 2003 there were approximately 41,600,000 abortions performed worldwide.  The article is attempting to spin this as good news; this figure is down from the 45.5 million performed in 1995.

If roughly 40 million babies are killed each year, then so far this decade (2000-2009), 400,000,000 have been murdered worldwide.  That’s only this decade.  I really don’t want to add up those performed in the US since 1973.  Worldwide, the article estimates that 20% of pregnancies end in abortion.

Furthermore, it appears that babies aren’t the only victims.  Each year, 70,000 mothers are killed as a result of unsafe abortions.  Yes, it seems that mothers suffer along with the children.

This is horrible news and in my opinion falls along the lines of child sacrifices performed by cult societies in the Old Testament.  Severe judgment was brought upon some nations as a result of these atrocities.

Abortion must be ended in America.  It is an atrocious, immoral crime.


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