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Palin vs. Huckabee vs. Romney

A new Rasmussen poll sees Palin last among GOPers as the person most likely/desired to run for President in 2012.  The top dogs?  Romney and Huckabee, who both lead Palin as possible candidates.

[But] new Rasmussen Reports national telephone surveying finds Palin losing handily in face-to-face march-ups with her two likeliest challengers for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

I’m not sure who they’ve been contacting, but that isn’t who I’d be voting for.  Huckabee and Palin would be a hard choice for me; I’d vote for both of them before Romney.

It seems as though others might feel the same way:

It’s noteworthy that Huckabee’s gains since July are matched almost precisely by Palin’s decline. That suggests a large pool of voters are committed to choosing between two candidates routinely dismissed as unacceptable in the eyes of Republicans in Washington, DC. At the moment, 47% prefer either Huckabee or Palin…

I would probably do the same thing – if I felt that Palin wasn’t able to win the GOP candidacy, I would almost certainly then cast my vote for Huckabee, and vice versa.

I am hoping that Sarah’s supporters are a bit more silent than the other two’s.  Or, as Hot Air notes:

While we’re talking Sarahcuda, Conservatives 4 Palin has a smart post about how she’s using new media to get her message out unfiltered by the media prism.

I don’t know, I might have to set up my own poll on this one 🙂


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2 Responses

  1. rightrevelation says:

    Hey Glen –
    That’s a great point and I agree that Palin has much more courage than BHO ever will. *sigh* I hope they don’t elect or choose another RINO this time around; surely, they can see that Americans want a pro-America, conservative President who sticks to their guns both in terms of domestic and especially with foreign policy.

    There are some great political women out there making their voices heard – let’s just hope they continue to do so (and maybe they will – hopefully – even reach higher places in office).


  2. glen says:

    In my opinion, everyone is afraid to put a woman up for pres. Gov. Palin would scorch bho’s britches of of his lying a&&, at any one on one match-ups.
    But the GOP/BOB, club will nominate another rino and be left holding the empty bag once again.
    There are 4 good women out there: Palin, Bachmann, L.Chaney and cong.woman from Tenn. (R).Marsha Blackburn.

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