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Showdown: Conservative Talk Radio vs. Liberal Talk Radio

The Clinton-News-Network (CNN) opened they’re discussion on talk radio with, “They’re loud…they’re angry…talk radio is full of extreme opinions on both sides.”

I’ll just say this – if that was CNN’s attempt at being ‘fair and balanced’ – it ended there at the beginning.  Carol Costello ends the debate by calling all conservative talk radio listeners lemmings.  That’s right, tack on another name to us conservatives.  Pretty much the rest of the segment was focused how much ‘power’ the conservative talk show hosts had – in a negative context, of course.  It seems to come back to power quite often with the left…and, most often it deals with power they don’t have or power they want to have.

Can you say envious?

Well, in this segment, at least they left out the psychiatrist.

The dialogue centered on this question: “Can talk radio hosts influence you’re vote?” Which, in liberal speak, means do they have power?

Yes, and no.

If they are able to influence one’s vote, they are still unable to swing elections (unlike the cult of personality created by CNN and other main-stream media networks for BHO).  Talk radio is at least responsible for holding the line with investigative journalism; other networks have traded their roles in keeping politicians honest to keeping politicians covered – aka propaganda.

Of course, CNN is always curious as to why people tune in to conservative radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh.  The answer always contains key words: Anger, entertainment,and narrow-mindedness

You will not believe this quote from Carol Costello.  Video at Hot Air:

“There’s a perception out there that Americans will listen to any one person and do exactly what they say but I would like to think that Americans aren’t lemmings and that at some point they make up their own mind.”

Oh. my. gosh.  What a model for us you are, CNN.  You mean, you want us to give up our freedoms and go along skipping to the tune of a 1.4 trillion-dollar-deficit, the emasculation of the US, and a destruction of the Constitution by people that you support in the government?  Is that what you call making up our own minds?

I don’t think so, CNN.  I don’t think so.  And, neither do millions of other Americans.


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