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Discipling Phases of Jesus

Throughout the New Testament gospels, Jesus walks his followers through several phases on their journey towards maturity.  As we witness Him working in their lives in Scripture, we are able to see and recognize where He is leading us in our own walk with Him.

Studying these phases have helped me understand why I am the way I am and why I struggle with pursuing many spiritual disciplines.  Read on to see if you can trace your ‘roots’ to some of these examples in Scripture!

Phase 1 is the “Spiritual Disciplines” phase.

In this phase, we can see a marked difference between Jews and Gentiles.  Jewish boys at a very early age were sent to a synagogue where they studied under a Rabbi for years.  This gave them a solid foundation in the following essential qualities we must develop in our own lives:

  1. Memorization of OT Scripture
  2. Scripture meditation
  3. Prayer
  4. Fasting

When these Jewish boys came to know Jesus, they had already developed and had history in scripture and many of these disciplines.

If you contrast this with us Gentiles….well, we are a little different.  When the Apostle Paul was commissioned in his ministry to the Gentiles, he found no such discipline in their lives.  Not one of them had memorized scripture or had any history of prayer and fasting.  Imagine training up pastors with this background!  If you are like me, I can certainly trace my difficulties in these disciplines back to my roots!

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