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Possible Health Care Restrictions and a Call to Greatness

The Right Revelation Podcast!

A look into 2 new possible Health Care restrictions – mandatory circumcision and a ban on Happy Hour.  A brief look into football and will we be given a new choice for Social Security?

Also includes a brief discussion on Jesus’ call to be considered great in the Kingdom of God.

Duration: 15 minutes 15 seconds


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New Polls and the ELCA’s Controversial Vote

The Right Revelation Podcast!

New Rasmussen polls reveal what Americans think of the direction the US is headed; the Chicago Cubs have a new owner; and, the ELCA makes a historic and controversial vote.

Also, a brief discussion on the gladness of Jesus.

Duration: 13 minutes 54 seconds

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Health Care Compromise – Co-ops?

The Right Revelation Podcast!

An AP article cites possible Health Care compromise; but, are Health Care Cooperatives the change we are looking for?

Referenced AP article ‘White House Appears Ready to Drop Public Option‘ can be found here.

Also, includes a brief discussion on John 15:9-11

Duration: 7 minutes 01 seconds

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Flagged and Offended

The Right Revelation Podcast!

The 1st Podcast on the blog contains a look at the flag@whitehouse.gov program as well as additional views on the Heath Care bill.  Also includes a brief discussion on the leadership of Jesus.

Duration: 7 minutes 37 seconds

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