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CNN Suggests Eliminating the Hamburger. No, Really.

As if there is nothing else to report, CNN would like to discuss the possibility of eliminating the hamburger.

No wonder their ratings are plummeting.  From Michelle Malkin:

Hamburgers are an American passion. And millions of Americans consume burgers, and other forms of meat, every day without consequences.  Should Americans continue to make meat — and particularly hamburgers — part of their diet?

But ground beef contaminated with E. coli bacteria has sickened, paralyzed and even killed some people who ate it.

Several of the members of the panel assembled by CNN favored plant-only diets.  A certain one, Dr. Colin Campbell, grew up on a dairy farm:

Dr. Colin Campbell of Cornell University advocates a meat-free diet.  Campbell said he grew up on a dairy farm and for a long time held to the belief that animal protein was an essential part of a healthy diet.  He said the results of years of research changed his mind.

The conclusion of his studies: “The closer we get to consuming a whole foods, plant-based diet, the healthier we’re going to be on all accounts.”

No thanks, Dr. Campbell, you can stick to eating plants. I’ll stick to eating meat.

As Michelle puts it: The Big Nanny bureaucrats will have to pry the Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger from my cold, dead hands…


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Save the Christina School District from A Stupid Decision

I don’t know Zachary personally…but, he sure sounds like a cool kid.  His mom can sure boast about her boy:

Zachary is six years old…He is a smart, happy, outgoing child who plays Little League Baseball, is a Cub Scout, studies martial arts, is actively involved in his church youth group, and is actively involved in school activities.

Last year he participated in the school talent show, the science fair, and the PTA “Reflections” Art Contest, for which he won first place in the State of Delaware for his film, “What Is My Job?”

Zachary reads above grade level and has very advanced math skills as well.

I love math, too.  And, camping, and martial arts, and Cub Scouts.  See, I told you he was a cool kid 🙂

So, what’s the scoop with Zach?  Well, apparently he takes martial arts too far.  No, wait, maybe it was camping.  No, it was….eating utensils?  Correct.  He’s been suspended for bring eating utensils to school.  Details:

On Tuesday, September 29th, Zachary brought his camping utensil to school to use at lunch (spoon, fork, bottle opener, and knife).  As he was getting off the bus, a teacher asked him what he was holding in his hand.  Zachary showed it to her and explained why he had brought it…to eat his lunch. The teacher gave the utensil to the principal, at which point Zach was suspended from school pending a school district hearing.

Now, if the story stopped here…not a huge deal, right?  Not so fast: Zach now has a date with a new school:

The School District committee recommended that he be alternatively placed at The Douglass School, a reform school for juvenile delinquents. This is the same school where they place children who have severe behavioral problems and who are guilty of such offenses as assault and battery, rape, drug offenses, concealing a deadly weapon, and more.

You have to be kidding me.  It’s a bit extreme to send him off to that school for 9 weeks, don’t you think?  I agree.  Well, if you’re so inclined, you can help Zach by signing a petition that will hopefully convince the Superintendent to change her mind and reverse Zach’s current course. You can sign the petition here.

As an FYI – the form asks for your home address; I just put my city and state.

This event has highlighted the ‘zero tolerance’ weapon policies followed by pretty much every school.  It sounds like this is currently being used by some school administrations as a scape-goat to issue ridiculous decisions such as the upcoming one for Zach.

Um….don’t you think teachers/principals would be able to better make case-by-case decisions than one broad, general rule?

At any rate, is anyone else thinking they may start home-schooling their children?  I hear there are some great groups being formed to allow home-schooled children to still participate in sports.


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Nation of England Announces Massive Liquidation

Well, the current liberal administration is calling is a ‘Sale of Assets’ but it is essentially a liquidation.  The purpose is to raise money to cover huge budget deficits in the nation.

Sound familiar?  It seems a likely scenario here in the US.  Details:

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced on Monday a 16-billion-pound sale of state assets including a rail link between London and the Channel Tunnel to cut soaring debt caused by economic crisis.

The planned disposals, which also include a 33-percent stake in European uranium consortium URENCO, the Student Loan Company and the Tote bookmakers, would raise the equivalent of 25.4 billion dollars or 17.2 billion euros.

The assets are being sold to businesses in the marketplace.  Why does that make sense?  The Government is unable to run anything at a profit and always loses out to the private sector.

Here’s another nugget from this article: Brown is making these moves because he knows he will not be re-elected.  Who is looking to take his place next election?  A conservative:

Brown, facing a likely election defeat next year by David Cameron’s opposition Conservatives, wants to halve Britain’s deficit in four years after it ballooned amid a deep recession.

Tucked inside a seemingly irrelevant piece of news is a fact that will hopefully ring true in America in 2010: a sweep of the elections by Conservatives and a new emergence in unemployment lines by the people that put them there – the Liberal members of Congress who will soon be out of a job.

In terms of debt, the US is already owned by the Chinese.  Hopefully, a switch in power followed by cuts in spending and a balanced budget will prevent the US from having to sell assets to any other foreign entities.

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Obama Won the Nobel Peace Joke Prize

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Headline from the Washington Post (among pretty much every other news site): Barack Hussein Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Are they just handing these awards out for fun now?

“Hey, look, I was eating my bowl of Fruit Loops this morning and in the box I noticed a Nobel Peace Prize.  Sweet.”

So, what was behind the Committee’s decision?

President Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Friday for his work to improve international diplomacy and rid the world of nuclear weapons.

The committee praised Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” during his nine months in office and singled out for special recognition Obama’s call for a world free of nuclear weapons.

Obama is unable to clean up his home town of Chicago – yet, they give him credit for improving cooperation among the nations?

Oh, you mean by partnering with terrorists, reducing moral of the troops from his own country (wouldn’t your moral fall if your leader preached defeat?), and sucking up to the Saudi King.

Have you heard that news yet?  Here’s Obama’s new plan for Afghanistan:

Bowing to the reality that the Taliban is too ingrained in Afghanistan’s culture to be entirely defeated, the administration is prepared, as it has been for some time, to accept some Taliban role in parts of Afghanistan, the official said.

That could mean paving the way for Taliban members willing to renounce violence to participate in a central government — though there has been little receptiveness to this among the Taliban. It might even mean ceding some regions of the country to the Taliban.

Ugh.  This leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.

Switching gears a bit here, I want to briefly address the notion that BHO could possibly be the Antichrist.  Some members from the HotAir community have commented on this possibility in light of this news.

Is that reasonable?  Yes, given the circumstances.  Is it 100% true?  I don’t think so.  When the Antichrist comes, there will be no denying it at all.  However, I do believe that the current administration provides the best picture for what the environment will look like when the Antichrist comes.  He will bring a false peace – even ending terrorism – but, it will only be a peace on the surface.

There will be mandatory world-wide worship of the Antichrist.  Jesus said the Great Tribulation would not happen until after we see the abomination of desolation – which happnes when the Antichrist goes into the Temple (which is not yet built), takes off his mask of peace, and declares that everyone must worship him.

For this to happen, it requires the watering-down of society to such a degree that what we are witnessing today will look like a faithful time in history.  The Antichrist can’t just show up and demand worship now; it wouldn’t work as a majority of people would not follow him (although some probably would right now).  Sin must increase, tolerance must increase, and our moral standards must be brought so low that people will be easily manipulated by a man with charisma and effective communication skills.

And, Barack Obama has some of those characteristics – especially behind a teleprompter.  But, there are a few key elements missing to confirm the true identity of the Antichrist.

Is the Antichrist alive on the earth?  Could be.  I think the most important thing is to have eyes that see and ears to hear.  It is crucial to develop a history in God now before it is too late.  The End Times – the tribulation, the Antichrist, the judgments of God on the Antichrist – is not something you want to cram for the night before.  Get it now so that you are prepared later.

Or, as Jesus puts it in His parable in Matthew 25, show wisdom and get oil in your lamp so you are not caught unprepared.

Well, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.  Congrats.  My hats off to you for winning the respectable cheap Nobel Peace Prize for the accomplishments of JACK and SQUAT 😉

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Taliban Bomb Indian Embassy – 17 Killed

And, we think we can reason with these people?

A large bomb exploded outside the Indian embassy in central Kabul on Thursday, killing 17 people and wounding 76, in the latest of a series of militant attacks on diplomatic and government buildings in the capital.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like living in that scenario.  Here’s a brief damage report:

Thursday’s blast tore through a market building across the street from the heavily fortified Indian embassy compound, leaving rubble and debris strewn across the road

The Taliban are even encroaching on ground that was previously thought secure.

Violence has reached its worst levels of the eight-year war as Taliban insurgents have extended fighting to previously secure areas, including Kabul. Attacks in the capital had been rare until the start of last year.

Since 2008 there have been around a dozen major attacks in the city

It’s hard to even comment on events like this.  How is it the Taliban can even think to do such things and why is it people are not 100% behind stopping the bombings from happening??

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$8,000 Home Credit Set to Expire in November

This one is tough.

It’s a little more complicated than the Cash for Clunkers program.

I really have to be honest with myself and ask, “Would I have loved to get that $8,000 for buying my first home?”


And, no.

It’s really a toss up.  There’s the argument that the younger generation will have to pay interest on that debt.  The cost of the program has now topped $11 billion (chump change when compared to the $1.4 trillion budget deficit for this year).

Some say that those who have received this money should have a percantage of their home owned by the people.  It was, after all, other peoples’ money that was given away to those who were going to buy a home anyway.

Am I upset because I didn’t get the deal or because it really is a bad deal?

A CPA friend of mine put it this way: The government needs to stop using the tax code to provide incentives to people.  The tax code is there for revenue; it’s not there to give people a reason to buy a new car or a new home.

You could call it a bribe.  That might be stretching the definition of ‘bribe’ a little, but it does seem to fit.

Use the tax code for revenue.  It’s really that simple.

Then, I wouldn’t have to wrestle with feelings of jealousy over friends that waited 1 year to buy a home and got a steal of a deal PLUS $8,000 from the government. 😉

Hey, it treats everyone equal, right?  Isn’t that what liberals want anyway? 🙂

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Obama Hands Out White Coats to Fake Doctors

…And then proceeds to talk to them like they were real doctors.

“Nobody has more credibility with the American people on this issue [Health Care Reform] than you do,” Obama told his guests.

Ugh.  They wish they had that much credibility.

In order to sell his Health Care Reform, Obama invited fake physicians to the White House with one request: Wear your white lab coat.

Some of the fake doctors must have thought he was joking as many of them ‘forgot’ to bring their lab coats with them.  Don’t worry though, the White House is full of empty, white coats.  From the New York Post:

President Obama yesterday rolled out the red carpet — and handed out doctors’ white coats as well, just so nobody missed his hard-sell health-care message.

In a heavy-handed attempt at reviving support for health-care reform, the White House orchestrated a massive photo op to buttress its claim that front-line physicians support Obama.

How on earth did the President get grown, adult, American citizens to go along with this scheme?  It blows my mind people are willingly going along with this propaganda.

Hot Air brings up a good point: Why was the New York Post the only main-stream media outlet to have posted this story?

Clearly, creating a false atmosphere of support – while covering this up from the American people – reveals that this health care legislation isn’t as good as the Left are making it out to be.  Conservative members, such as Sarah Palin, aren’t afraid to voice the truth regarding the Left’s Health Care Reform.  Additionally, some elected members from the GOP stood up to this propaganda:

The Republican National Committee shot back with a response from Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), who was an orthopedic surgeon before being elected to Congress.

“Today, the president wants you to believe that the medical community supports his government takeover of health care. Don’t be fooled,” Price said.

He said he had spoken to “thousands of my colleagues” who oppose the Democrats’ legislation.

I guess it is October.  Maybe some of those physicians can use those white coats on Halloween 😉

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$2.2 Billion Given to North Korea…Already

First, a bit of old news: Today, North Korea announced a desire to return to the discussion table regarding nuclear disarmament.

As if we haven’t heard that before.

Here’s the spin: Could this possibly be related to the $2.2 billion they have already received as a result of these talks?

This may be shocking, but since the nuclear ‘talks’ started back during the Clinton administration in the early 90’s, North Korea has received a massive amount of bribes aid in an attempt to halt their nuclear program.  Details from South Korea:

[In the 90’s] The equivalent of nearly $2 billion flowed into North Korea, ruling Grand National Party lawmaker Kwon Young-se said in a statement. South Korea spent $1.15 billion, Japan $410 million and the European Union $18 million on the reactors. Meanwhile, the U.S. sent $400 million worth of fuel oil to the North.

Has North Korea kept any of its promises to disarm?  Nope.  Would you believe the nations are still trying to bribe North Korea to stop building nukes?

In 2007, however, China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the U.S. tried again, promising the North one million tons of fuel oil and other concessions in return for disablement. So far, 745,000 tons of oil – estimated to be worth $310 million – have been shipped to the North under the new deal, the statement said.

In addition to the money it was given in the disarmament-for-aid deals, the North has also received nearly 4 trillion won ($3.4 billion) of food, fertilizer and other humanitarian aid from the U.S., South Korea and international organizations over the past 10 years, Kwon’s office said.

This whole give-them-food-if-they-promise-to-disarm scenario hasn’t worked for at least the past 10 years!   It’s quite possible the exact opposite is happening: All of this has probably encouraged North Korea to continue its nuclear program.  Why?  Because the democratic nations will always be ready to talk and give them more food, oil, and money.

Kim Jong Il probably looks like a genius in his country.  Whenever his people need food, he just robs his enemies.  His country has probably used up the food sent from the last nuclear talks and how it’s time to return to the rich parents – i.e. the US, South Korea, France, et al – to get more.  It will just be disguised as nuclear disarmament talks.

This is almost laughable if it weren’t so serious.  We are assisting the nations out to harm us.  Furthermore, it’s borderline giving approval to horrendous behavior from the world’s dictators.

This just doesn’t sound like a sustainable policy.

What should be done?  In the least, stop providing them with provisions.  The food probably doesn’t make it to the oppressed families living by subsistence farming in the countryside, anyway.  It goes to those loyal to Kim Jong Il.

That is at least a place to start.  What do you think?

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China Celebrates 60 Years of Communism

In typical fashion, the state-run media is blaring support of socialist/communist ideals.  A Reuters article cites the ‘wealth and rising might’ of a Chinese nation celebrating 60 years of Communism.

China celebrated its wealth and rising might with a show of goose-stepping troops, gaudy floats and nuclear-capable missiles in Beijing on Thursday, 60 years after Mao Zedong proclaimed its embrace of communism.

The [Chinese] government also wanted the day of extraordinary spectacle and security to make the case that its formula of strict one-party control and rapid growth remains the right one for hauling the world’s third-biggest economy into prosperity.

Are you catching a theme here?  Let’s rebuke the US for being a champion of liberty and freedom and instead promote ‘strict one-party control’ as being the correct source for prosperity.

Why is it other nations can flaunt their military strength while the US is disarmed by whimpering liberals?

Anyone else find this a bit frustrating?

Furthermore, does anyone else find it disconcerting that the move towards a one-world government seems to be getting closer and closer?

Hey, for all you one-party supporters out there: If you want to live in China, by all means go.  Just don’t take the rest of us with you! 🙂

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US Terrorist Plots Uncovered Since 9/11

21 is the magic number.

21 terrorist plots have been found and prevented on US soil since 9/11.  Here’s a brief look at a couple, but you can find the whole article here:

  • May 2002
    • Jose Padilla, a US citizen, was apprehended in the Chicago O’Hard airport as soon as he got off the plane flying in from the Middle East.  The FBI acted on information received from a detained Al Queda operative.

Timeout.  Did you catch that?  A possible terrorist attack was averted by the FBI due to the information received from a captured Al Queda prisoner.  Isn’t that good news?  Then how come these American security agents are the ones now being investigated under the administration led by Barack Obama?

Does that sound right to you?


  • June 2006
    • 7 men were arrested for conspiring to blow up the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) and another Federal office Building in the Chicago area.
  • June 2007
    • 4 men were arrested for an attempt to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines at JFK International Airport.

    September 2009

    • The most recent plot: Terror suspect Najibullah Zazi was apprehended for a warped plot to detonate home-made explosives on the 9/11 anniversary.

Why look back at these?  It is crucial to remember what has been done in the past to appreciate the time we are living in now.  Imagine the chaos if even 1 of these events had not been discovered?

We thank all men and women who serve this country and have sought to protect it from the wicked and insane people who wish to do it harm.

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